7th EVIW Program - will be updated
Opening Session
Systems immunology
Moderators: Isabelle Schwartz & Gregers Jungersen
Florent Ginhoux, Singapore immunology network, A*STAR: “Dendritic cells and macrophages across species, from bats to human”
Marc Dalod, Marseille-Luminy Immunology Center: “Deciphering the cell type and spatiotemporal pattern of type I and III interferons responses during viral infections, to understand how they tilt the balance towards health or disease”
Plenary sessions
Big Veterinary vaccinology challenges
Moderators: Isabelle Schwartz & Artur Summerfield
Nicole Baumgarth
One Health approach to pandemic preparedness
Moderators: Dirk Werling & Bill Golde
Adaptive immunology
Moderators: Wilhelm Gerner & Friederike Ebner
Innate immunology
Moderators: Femke Broere & NN
Veterinary Immunology Toolkit – sponsored by Veterinary Research
Moderators: Jayne Hope & William Mwangi
Parallel sessions
Mucosal immunology
Moderators: Eric Cox & Gregers Jungersen
Translational Veterinary Immunology Models - Animal Models
Moderators: Isabelle Schwartz & Milica Kovačević Filipović
Nicola Mason, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine
Sabine Riffault, Virologie et Immunologie Moléculaires, INREA: “Efficacy of PreF subunit BRSV vaccine in calves: a translational model for infant vaccination?”
Tick and Parasite immunity
Moderators: Robin Flynn & Laia Solano-Gallego
Fish immunology
Moderators: Uwe Fischer & NN
Avian immunology
Moderators: Tina Dalgaard & NN
Pet/Horse immunology
Moderators: Eva Wattrang & Falko Steinbach
Young Veterinary Immunology
Moderators: Andjelo Beletić & Lindert Benedictus
Teaching veterinary immunology
Moderators: Armin Saalmüller & Thomas Goebel