These Terms of Use apply to the provision of conference services organized by the VETERINARSKI EDUKACIONI TIM SRBIJE based in Raška 29, Pančevo, Serbia (hereinafter referred to as: Merchant) via the website www.7theviw.org

1. Merchant Information

Trade via the website www.7theviw.org is performed by VETERINARSKI EDUKACIONI TIM SRBIJE, based in Raška 29, Pančevo, Serbia
VAT number: 112076329
Registration code: 28305877
Activity: education (code 9499)
e-mail: vetedutimserbia@yahoo.com
phone: +381 63 860 9456

2. Accurate description of services and methods of payment

Service description:On our website the customer can pay registration fee for the 7th EVIW that will take place from 29 to 31 August 2021.

Payment:The payment of registration fee through the website www.7theviw.org can be done by a registered user by entering the required information. By sending the order, the customer accepts these Terms of Use and Sale. It will be considered that the confirmation of the order by the Merchant has concluded a contract between the Merchant and the customer.

Method of payment: Payment for an order made through the website www.7theviw.org can be made with payment cards. The invoice will be delivered to the customer with the order by e-mail.

American Express Visa MasterCard Maestro Dinacard Mastercard® Identity Check™ Visa Secure

3. Conversion statement

All payments will be effected in Serbian currency - Dinar (RSD). The amount your credit card account will be charged for is obtained through the conversion of the price in Euro into Serbian dinar according to the current exchange rate of the Serbian National Bank.
When charging your credit card, the same amount is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations. As a result of this conversion there is a possibility of a slight difference from the original price stated in our website.

4. Contact information - customer service

In case of any additional questions or problems with the purchase, the customer can contact us.
address: Raška 29, Pančevo, Serbia
phone number: +381 63 860 9456
e-mail: info@7theviw.org

5. Delivery-confirm orders

After the payment of the registration fee through our website by the customer, the status of fee processing begins. During the processing, an order confirmation notification will be sent to the customer’s e-mail address. In case of any ambiguities or problems related to the order, the Merchant will contact the customer without delay.

6. Protecting user privacy

On behalf of VETERINARSKI EDUKACIONI TIM SRBIJE, we are committed to protecting the privacy of all our customers. We collect only the necessary, basic data on customers / users and data necessary for business and informing users in accordance with good business practices and in order to provide quality service. We give customers a choice including the ability to decide whether or not they want to be deleted from the mailing lists used for marketing campaigns. All customer data is strictly kept and is only available to employees who need this data to do the job. All members of VETERINARSKI EDUKACIONI TIM SRBIJE (and business partners) are responsible for adhering to the principles of privacy protection.

7. Protection of confidential transaction data

When entering payment card data, confidential information is transmitted via the public network in a protected (encrypted) form using SSL protocols and PKI systems, as currently the most modern cryptographic technology. Data security at the time of purchase is guaranteed by the payment card processor, WSPay, so the complete billing process is performed on the WSpay website. At no time is payment card information available to our system.

8. Name Change

All registrations are only valid for the registered person.
A registered participant who is unable to attend the 7th EVIW, may indicate a substitute participant (from the same organization and category). This service is available until 27 August 2021, and is free of charge.
Name change can be made in writing by sending an email to info@7theviw.org with subject “NAME CHANGE”. Registration will be changed to the new participant.
Previous invoices cannot be changed.

9. Cancellation and Refund

Cancellations can be made in writing by sending an email to info@7theviw.org with subject “CANCELLATION”.
Cancellations for participating in the 7th EVIW made by 31 July 2021 will receive a 70% refund. After this date, cancellations will incur no refund.
All refunds will be processed after the 7th EVIW. All bank service charges will be deducted from the refundable amount.
Regardless of the reason for cancellation, in the case of a refund to a customer, the Merchant is obliged to refund exclusively through VISA, EC / MC and Maestro methods payments, which means that the bank will, at the request of the Merchant, refund the funds to the cardholder's account. Any refunds to credit card payments may only be credited back to the original credit card, i.e., there is no possibility of refunding to an alternate card.
Without a timely cancellation, all payments are not refundable for any reason, including, without limitation, failure or inability due to illness, acts of God, public health crisis, government restrictions, travel-related problems, acts of terrorism, loss of employment and/or duplicate purchases.

10. Disclaimer for reclamation

Although the Merchant will use its reasonable endeavors to ensure that services provided for the 7th EVIW are supplied, the supply of such services is not within the Merchant’s control. Customer understands and agrees that the Merchant’s services and the website are provided “as is” and “as available”. The Merchant and its suppliers expressly disclaim all warranties of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to any warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement. The Merchant makes no warranty or representation regarding any information, materials, goods or services obtained through the 7th EVIW’s services or website, or that the services will meet any of customer’s requirements, or be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error free. Use of the services and website are at customer’s sole risk. The Merchant is not liable for acts or omissions of other service providers, for information or content of communications, third party services, equipment failure or modification, or causes beyond the Merchant’s reasonable control.
Should, for any reason outside the Merchant’s control (e.g. political or economic circumstances or in the case of a ‘force majeure’) the speakers change, or the event be cancelled, the Merchant will endeavor to reschedule, but shall not be held responsible for any costs, damages or expenses incurred by customers. If for any reason the Merchant decide to make material changes to the 7th EVIW, they are not responsible for any costs incurred by the participants.
The validity, performance and interpretation of these general terms and conditions shall be governed by the Serbian law. Any dispute arising out of, or in connection with the validity, performance or interpretation of these general terms and conditions shall be submitted to the sole jurisdiction of the courts in Serbia.